Spray Cork - Spuitkurk

Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak, a millenary  tree that grows in the Mediterranean basin.

Harvested every nine years without felling or harming the tree, cork is one of nature’s most extraordinary inventions. Because it’s a natural plant tissue, cork is biodegradable, and its exceptional ability to retain CO2 makes it a champion of sustainability, a powerful ally against climate change.


ECORK BENELUX, promotes and distributes Eco-friendly building materials to all of Europe and outside Europe.  Our products are created with honesty and integrity.

We will do our utmost to grow our business, and change the mindset of our Europe and outside Europe construction industry by using Eco friendly building materials and preserving our planet using sustainable methods.


We support this vision with the utmost integrity involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources ultimately, saving our planet and giving value to our Europe end users and also outside Europe end users.